Durham LandscapersWith the change of the weather and warmer temperatures, getting outside to enjoy our yard is a top priority. After a long and wet winter, we are sure getting the yard areas prettied up is the top chore on the list. As you begin to look at flowers and plants you may also be looking for ease of care as well. One way to add gorgeous pops of color in your overall landscape is through container gardening. Container gardening allows you to place flowers and plants where you want them, and maintenance is easy. You can also have fun mixing plants, flowers, and colors together to see what works. You pick the containers that work best in your spaces as well. Our Durham landscapers can help with this, as well.

As noted in our previous blog post, although perennials can be used in container gardening, the best plants for container gardens are annuals. Annuals must be re-planted each year. An annual is a plant that requires one year to germinate, bloom and die. If perennials are used special care will be required each fall to get the seed to germinate again in the spring. With annuals, you can change up your containers every year and experiment with new flowers and plants. They are also the easiest way to garden since containers only require watering, some fertilizer, and a little deadheading of your flowers periodically.

Some good flowers and plants to consider for your container gardening are:


Coleus is an old-fashioned plant that is great for shaded areas. It has beautiful colors and leaf forms. Try adding coleus with a bright colored flower and a colorful container. You will be rewarded with a beautiful container all season long.

Million Bells

Million Bells come in some of the most gorgeous colors of pink to a deep purple. They also have white which is beautiful as well. If you like to see birds in your garden, then this is one plant to include in your container gardening. Hummingbirds are especially attracted to million bells. Butterflies like them as well. This is a virtually maintenance free plant. They require water ad good drainage but do not need deadheading. They do well with regular fertilizing.


Ranging in color from brilliant reds to beautiful dark blues, verbena is a great choice for container gardening. They tolerate drought conditions well. Mixing it with other plants because it will grow and fill space in your container and complement other flowers and plants.


Petunias are an awesome choice in container gardening because of the huge amount of colors and sizes you can now find them in. Today’s breeds also are self-deadheading. This makes them low maintenance. Although they do really well in the sun you will want to place them where they also get some shade part of the day.

Pair any of these choices with some pretty ivy or other greenery and you will have container gardens that will provide beauty and color to your landscape and patio all season long!

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