landscaping cary ncIt’s spring here in the south although the temperatures say summer lately. The warmer temperatures mean it’s time for us to get busy planting some beautiful flowers. We all love to enjoy the summer getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. Flowers are one way to brighten up our outside areas and make them beautiful. One of the best ways to do this is through container gardening. Container gardening allows you to place flowers and plants where you want them, and maintenance is easy. You can also have fun mixing plants, flowers, and colors together to see what works. This will enhance your landscaping in Cary NC.

The best plants for container gardens are annuals. Annuals must be re-planted each year. An annual is a plant that requires one year to germinate, bloom and die. Perennials can also be used but require much more attention in the fall for them to return the following Spring.  Despite the task of having to replant them every year, most gardeners love annuals. They provide abundant color, require little care besides watering and offer the flexibility of trying something new the next year. Common annuals include impatiens, basil, geraniums, and parsley. In warmer climates, a number of annuals will survive longer than one season as long as they are not subjected to a winter frost. This type of annual is referred to as a tender perennial. Tender perennials include geraniums, coleus, impatiens, and lantana. So how do you choose which annuals to plant for your area and when? We offer some good tips for that.

When the weather begins to make a turn toward warm weather, the urge to get out in the yard and plant can become very strong.  Hard as it is to wait, wait you must. Getting started too early with your planting can be a disaster. A late frost will kill your new container gardens. For many beginning gardeners, knowing when to go ahead and plant can be confusing.  To make things more complicated, not everything can be planted at the same time.  However, rest assured there are simple rules of thumb that you can use to know when to plant.

In order to know when it is best to start planting in spring, you should know your average frost-free date.  The frost-free date is, as you might guess, the date when it is fairly likely you will no longer get frost. Here in the South, this is typically mid-May.  Keeping a close eye on changing weather patterns will help you decide. Your local independent garden center should be able to give you a pretty good idea of this date.  If you are unsure your county extension agent is another good source for this information.

The great thing about annuals in your container gardening is that next year you can completely change the way they look. If some flowers didn’t work well or the look was not what you were going for you can change it up next spring. Need help? Contact our team for landscaping in Cary NC!

Having a gorgeous lawn with beautiful landscaping is a way to attract customers to your business.  It is also a way to make your home as welcoming as it can be.  Lindsay Lawn and Landscaping are committed to bringing all of that beauty to our clients.  We offer all kinds of lawn services as well as landscaping to make your home or business as attractive as it can be.  Call us today to learn more about our services for landscaping in Cary NC.  You will be so happy you did!


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