In our last post, we began looking at ways to make your home and property more attractive and as safe as possible using Durham landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting adds beauty to our home’s exterior and curb appeal. Choosing the perfect lighting for your home requires some education about what to use and where. Last post we began looking at the trends for outdoor lighting in 2019. This post will continue this theme by looking at what outdoor lighting should do and the types available in today’s market.

Motion sensor equipped lighting is a great Durham landscape lighting option for your home. This is an added alert for the homeowner that unexpected movement is detected. This type of lighting has improved over the years. Today’s motion detector lighting is wireless and can be programmed to work with security cameras and other home security features. When using this type of lighting you will want to be certain that the lighting is bright enough to give light to specific areas but does not bother your neighbors and drivers on the street.

With all of the various descriptions being used today to describe outdoor lighting, let’s look at what the terms mean and how we can use them to create beautiful outdoor space. These features include:

  1. Path Lighting: When you need to light up a path or walkway around your home this is your best choice. Keep in mind that although it is functional it can be done really well and will enhance your landscape. Many of these types of lighting only give off minimal light.
  2. Down-lighting: Down lighting is achieved by placing light in a higher location and then pointing it down to a larger surface area. This type of lighting highlights a particular area. The effect can be almost like a moon glow. Today’s downlights can be painted to blend into the siding of your home making it less noticeable during the day time hours.
  3. Shadow Lighting: The objective of shadow lighting is to cast light onto something that is in front of what it is you want to light.  This creates a shadow that can be very beautiful and lend a blurred yet softly defined area to an object you want to highlight.
  4. Lanterns: One of the prettiest, yet functional way to light up a pool area, deck, or porch is to use candle lanterns.  It is so easy to create a beautiful place with a variety of shapes, colors, and many styles that are available on the market today.

When it comes to highlighting your homes best features, outdoor lighting can make the textures of your home’s design as beautiful and attractive as it can be. You can do this by picking out your home’s most attractive features and then look for the right kind of Durham landscape lighting to do the job. If you have a stone feature or dormers, then uplighting is a perfect way to enhance this look at night. To cast a pool of light on a particular area such as a feature wall or onto the water in a pool then downlighting is a great pick.  If you have a beautiful garden, then shadow lighting works great.

If you want to make the most of your homes beautiful features or need to increase the safety and security of the home with outdoor lighting, then give Lindsay Lawns a call today! We can help you develop a plan and can also install all of your Durham landscape lighting needs. We know that you want to make your home as safe and secure as possible while also highlighting its beauty. Call us today!


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