In our last post, we began looking at things we can do for our Cary  NC lawn and landscape in the winter months. We are certainly winding down the colder weather and will hopefully be headed into more warm temperatures and less rainy, cold days. Spring officially begins on March 20th. It will last until summer officially begins on June 21st. On March 10th we begin daylight savings time with a jump of one hour ahead. This will bring much awaited longer daylight hours in our day. Most of us are ready and we are sure there are some days that you will want to get a jump start on Spring lawn maintenance. This post will offer tips on some winter lawn care you can be doing now to make your  Cary  NC lawn awesome in the spring.

One of the first places to start as you plan your early spring maintenance is with your soil. Go to your flower beds and landscaping and take a look at your garden soil. If a shovelful of soil crumbles in your hands, the soil is considered “workable.”  However, if it’s still frozen, or really wet enough that a handful feels really mushy then it is too soon to begin any plowing or digging.

It is a great idea to look up your hardiness zone. This is where you can find out what is predicted to be the last frost date in the area or “zone” in which you love. It can provide loads of good information about your area. When you know that the last frost has passed you will want to begin planting summer bulbs and annuals. This will kick off spring and working outdoors can begin finally.

The following are some of the work you can begin in March to help your Cary NC lawn become beautiful:

As you work on your perennials and ornamental grasses note the following.

  • Weed bulb beds taking care not to disturb the bulbs.
  • Replant any plants that have been pushed out of the ground by the upheaval of frost.
  • Remove any extra winter mulch from perennials slowly. If you have checked out the hardiness zone of your area and of the plant you can begin to remove the mulch once temperatures have warmed to the minimum for that zone.
  • Prune any and all overgrown vines once they have bloomed. This will allow your plants to grow healthy.
  • Plant, divide, and transplant perennials and ornamental grasses as soon as the soil is workable. This keeps them not only healthy but makes for a much more attractive flower and plant.
  • Plant tender bulbs after all danger of frost has passed.
  • Fertilize bulbs after blooming, with a bulb-boosting fertilizer or compost.
  • Cut or mow ornamental grasses, being careful not to cut the short new growth. This is important!
  • Cut back overgrown or leggy perennials.

As you can see from our posts, on nice days there are many things you can do to get started on a beautiful lawn. If you find yourself in need of a great landscaping company give Lindsay Lawn and Landscaping a call. We can offer you a wide range of services for all your lawn care needs. Aeration, weed management, Cary NC lawn mowing, fertilization, and landscaping are just a few of the many services we offer.  Give us a call today!


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