We have reached that time of the year when our lawn and landscaping in Cary NC might be one of the last things on our mind. We have just come through one of the busiest times of the year. The holidays are always great and filled with family, friends, and loads of extra parties and time consuming things. Heading into the New Year brings a new slate and a time of reflecting and making resolutions. These resolutions usually involve our health, eating better, and exercising more. Although with the colder temperatures and wintry weather our lawn care may seem to be on the distant horizon. However, this is actually the perfect time to begin looking at our spring routine when it comes to our yard maintenance and landscaping in Cary NC.

This is a great time to take a couple of good walks around your entire property. Bring along a small notebook and pen. What you are looking for is damage on the first walk. This time of the year when the tree branches are bare is a great time to look at the overall structure of the trees. Do you see broken branches? Do see any evidence of disease? If you do see problems this is a good time to address them. If you are unsure if the damage is too great to save the tree consult an expert. They may be able to help you with this problem and give advice on keeping all of your trees as healthy as possible.

This time of year there is a good chance you have snow covering your landscape a lot of the time. If so there are still things you can look at. when there is some melting of the snow and ice you may see some bare spots. Of course, you will not be able to address these bare spots by sowing seed right now but you can write it down and begin formulating a plan. Fertilizer will also be needed. If this is a really big problem you may want to consider a pH soil test in the Spring. An unbalanced pH can be a huge problem in developing a healthy green lawn.

You will also want to begin thinking about a good fertilizer. This will vary as well according to what your particular yard needs. There are various kinds of fertilizers available. We cannot express enough consulting with your local farm and garden or an expert. They will be a really big help to you as you make a plan for the Spring. Note all of these findings in your notebook so that you remember these areas later in the season. Draw a map if necessary of your property and use this to note all problem areas throughout your landscaping in Cary NC.

As you can see there are some things you can do in the winter months to help you have a great looking yard come the warmer months. We always stress getting help if you have questions. If you have questions about your lawn care routine and need help give Lindsay Lawns a call. We can help you with all things related to the lawn. Give us a call today to get a head start on your beautiful summer landscaping in Cary NC.


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