Spring is finally making its debut in many parts of the country. While some areas are still dealing with snow and icy conditions, others are having gorgeous warm days. With this onset of beautiful weather comes that urge to begin getting outside and working in our yard. Although it is not the time to begin setting out flowers or even new plants we can start the cleanup from the long cold and wet winter. One thing you can begin working on is areas of your Cary lawn landscaping where you have mulch. This post will look at the mulch you have and how to refresh or replace the old mulch.

Many of us took the time in the late fall, early winter to get our mulch beds ready for colder weather. This usually includes clipping down any perennials and removing the dead foliage. We hope that you already have a compost pile. If not you might want to begin one this season. This is a good way to recycle lawn clippings and foliage into a rich, nutrient filled fertilizer for your gardening needs. As you begin to consider your mulch beds clear away any branches, limbs, and other debris from winter storms. You may also need to rake away leftover leaves as well.

Mulch is the material we use to cover our landscape beds that protects the flowers, plants, and shrubs from the elements. It also retains moisture and heat from the sun. This helps our plants to remain as healthy as possible. In today’s marketplace mulch comes in a variety of colors as well. To decide if the mulch you currently have is still a viable product you can consult an expert or simply take a good look at it. To do this we scoop some up and examine it. Check to see if it appears to have decomposed over the winter. If it has retained its structure well then it is certainly reusable.

If your mulch appears to have decomposed into fine particles that more resemble dirt it will need to be replaced.  If during last season you had to replace or remove plants from the mulch bed that was diseased in any way you will also need to replace the mulch. Chances are particles of the disease are still part of the mulch and can set up problems with this year’s plantings. Overall this will cost you time and money. This is the right time to replace the old mulch with new.

You can also refresh your current mulch. This means adding some fresh new mulch to your current mulch. To do this remove the older mulch from the beds onto a tarp. Work the soil underneath and add fresh compost and any fertilizer or topsoil needed to get the beds ready for planting. Sow your seeds or bulbs and then replace your mulch. Before replacing, however, add new mulch to the old. New mulch will make your Cary lawn pop!

When replacing the entire bed of mulch you will want to dispose of it properly. Check your local landfill for proper disposing methods. You can also simply till it into the soil. When it comes to designing your own gardens and Cary NC lawn and landscaping sometimes you need expert advice. Lindsay Lawns can help! We provide all kinds of services to help you. From landscape to lawn maintenance we can get your lawn looking awesome. Call us today!


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