When looking at beautifying our outdoor living spaces sometimes we are limited to that space. If you find this is a problem for your outdoor area, then a great option is container gardening. Container gardening is simply the art of growing your flowers and plants in beautiful containers. These can be anything from simple clay pots or something more artistic such as an old barrel or pair of worn out boots. You can be as creative as you want. Container gardening allows you to place flowers and plants where you want them, and maintenance is easy. You can also have fun mixing plants, flowers, and colors together to see what works. Our last post looked at annuals for planting. These work well but perennials will also work but take a bit more time for prep in the fall to ensure you get seed to germinate in the spring. Cary NC landscaping is easy with help from these tips!

Let’s begin with some prep work and basics for putting together your container gardens. The biggest tip we can offer is about containers. Make certain to pick pots that are large enough for your plants. Remember they will grow and grow rapidly. You want to use a pot large enough to not have root bound roots. When this happens, your plants will not get the right amounts of water and nutrients from fertilization. Needless to say, they will not look their best all season either. The larger your plants are the bigger the container should be.

Potting soil is usually the first choice of gardeners but in the market, today is a new soil-less potting mix. It is reusable and can be enhanced each season as well. Regular potting soil compacts and restricts making drainage and air exchange harder. For better-looking plants and flowers try this.

An important rule to remember is to add fertilizer frequently to container gardens. This is because as you water the pots of plants throughout the season, they will drain through the drainage holes. As they drain water, they also drain out the nutrients. A slow release fertilizer will help slow the process. Another tip is to not add gravel or rocks into the bottom of the containers. You can actually stop the drainage if one shifts and covers the hole.

When planting your perennials keep in mind, they can survive in your pots up to two years. After this, you will need to re-pot into a larger container. You can also divide the plants and use fresh soil to re-plant into the same pots. Always use a good mix of compatible plants for the best results.

Following these tips will mean that your container gardens look awesome all summer long. Our next post will list some great perennials to use as you plant your pots this season. Be sure to check back!

When it comes to designing your own gardens and landscaping sometimes you need expert advice. Lindsay Lawns can help! We provide all kinds of services to help you. From Cary NC landscaping to lawn maintenance we can get your lawn looking awesome. Call us today!


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