Tips for Growing Sod in Raleigh NC, From the Landscaping Expert!

Growing sod in Raleigh NC looks easy. In actuality, it’s not as easy as you think. While it gives you an instant green lawn, it can turn brown quickly. With a few maintenance steps, you can help ensure you have a lush, green lawn now, and for years to come.

Find a Reliable Sod in Raleigh NC

Success with sod starts with the sod itself. It should be harvested, no more than about 24 hours before you intend on laying it. Fresh sod works best. Also, be sure that the sod is free of weeds and disease. Grass blades should be about 2 inches long and have a consistent green color. The soil side should be dark and moist, about 1 inch thick, and have a healthy root structure. Trusting Lindsay Lawns to locate your new sod will help ensure a reliable result.

Prepare the Soil

You’ll need to start with bare soil that free of rocks, branches, twigs and any other debris. Prepare the soil by tilling and raking it becomes pea or marble-sized. Now would be a good time to get your soil tested, especially if you’re replacing an old lawn that did not grow well before. You can buy soil test kits at a lawn and garden center, or take your sample to your county extension office. The results may show you need additives for your soil. Either way, you’ll need to lay down fertilizer made especially for sod on your tilled soil. Be sure to rake it one last time after fertilizing.

Laying the Sod in Raleigh NC

Start by laying sod along a straight line. A driveway or sidewalk works well. Then, lay rows in a staggered pattern. This will help keep the sod from shifting, and prevent water runoff from forming deep troughs. On slopes, you’ll need to stake the sod and lay it perpendicular to the slope to prevent sliding. Rent a roller to pat down the sod, eliminating any air pockets. Avoid walking or standing on the sod.


You’ll need to water thoroughly everyday for a couple of weeks. Then, water every other day for another few weeks. When your sod has established a root structure, you can walk on it and mow it.

Growing Sod in Raleigh, NC | Tips From the Expert

Fall is the perfect time to incorporate new sod into your existing Raleigh lawn. If you’d like to learn more about sod in Raleigh NC, contact us! We also offer other Raleigh lawn services, as well.


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