Over this past fall and winter, we have experienced an unprecedented amount of rain across the country. This is delaying the planting season for many farmers. Flooding is not helping the situation in many areas. With the passing of winter into spring our attention is turned to the hotter, drier weather that will come with the summer months. Although it seems impossible right now we will get drier. Summer is the time of year we look at ways to conserve water when it comes to our Cary NC lawn and gardens. We want to have a good growing season and beautiful lawns this time of year. Water plays an important part in this. This post will look at ways in which we can conserve water and still grow beautiful things.

Conserving water is simply a re-thinking of all the ways in which we need to use or add water to our Cary NC lawn, landscape, and gardens. One good way to water conservatively in dry periods of time is with an oscillating, adjustable sprinkler. With this type of sprinkler, you can direct the water to where you need it to go. This ensures the plants get watered and there is no runoff which is wasteful.

An excellent way to water in your garden is with drip irrigation. You can do this yourself with some good grade water hoses modified with small holes to drip water over a period of time. The water gets straight to the roots of your plants where it is needed and there is no waste of water through runoff.

Taking advantage of free water through the collection of rain is also a great way to conserve water. Rain barrels or cisterns can collect the runoff from your roof and keep it stored until needed. There are many types of these available on the market. You will want one that is covered to keep insects like mosquitoes from breeding in the open container. Many also come with a pump to use in getting the water from the rain barrel easily.

An attractive way to conserve water is through the use of mulch. Adding a 2-3 inch deep layer of mulch can hold moisture in the soil and keep your plants healthy. It will also keep weeds away as well. Refresh your mulch each year to keep as much water in the soil as possible.

When mowing the lawn always mow it high. This is a way to get a good healthy root system in your Cary NC lawn. This prevents you from having to water often. Make sure to keep your mower blade as sharp as possible. This means a clean cut and that reduces any water loss you may have due to mowing.

Hire a professional Cary NC lawn service. The experts can help you plant the right grasses and plants for your area. If your area is drier than most choosing the right grass and landscape can go a long way in helping you conserve water and have a beautiful landscape as well.

If you find yourself in need of a great landscaping company give Lindsay Lawn and Landscaping a call.  We can offer you a wide range of services for all your Cary NC lawn care needs.  Aeration, weed management, lawn mowing, fertilization, and landscaping are just a few of the many services we offer.  Give us a call today!


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