“Why choose sod in Raleigh NC for my yard?”

This is a question that gets asked all the time. Our Raleigh landscaping company can answer that question with simple tips and reasons below.

Sod in Raleigh NC is a mature plant. Sod is a mature, nurtured and fully developed grass.  It takes up to a year to grow seed into the lush, green carpet you’ll see immediately upon installation.

Mud. Customers with children or pets especially benefit from installing sod.  Sod is the easy solution to minimizing mud tracked into your house or washed over your driveway/sidewalk.

Erosion.  Sod stops washouts which make for a bumpy, uneven lawn if the dirt isn’t smoothed out and re-seeded.  Erosion is one of the pitfalls of seeding that’s difficult to avoid.  Unless the seeded area is completely flat, chances are you will get washouts when seeding.  That means more do-overs for you.  Or, if not repaired, it can mean mowing and maintaining a bumpy lawn for years to come.

Sod in Raleigh NC saves time.  Because sod is a mature plant, it takes less overall maintenance than a seeded lawn.  Sod typically requires 2-3 weeks of intensive watering whereas a seeded lawn may require an entire growing season of constant attention and weed fighting.  Haven’t you got better things to do?

Sod saves frustration.  Take the idea of growing just one stand of grass.  Weather is typically the biggest challenge.  Seeding is generally most successful when done during a short 4 week window of opportunity in late summer.  However, sod can be installed any time of year as long as the ground isn’t frozen.  And what about fertilizer and mowing height?  Our years of experience growing grass will save you loads of potential mistakes.  Especially if you’re not a green thumb, sod is the simple solution.

Sod in Raleigh NC saves money.  Expenses for water, herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer– all the grass-growing tools– can be considerable.  Allowing us to take care of those initial applications will save you money and you’ll know it’s been done correctly.  Additionally, unlike most products, the price of sod has remained relatively constant over the last decade.

Sod is beautiful. The best way to ensure a beautiful yard is with sod.  You must start with plants that are the best available.  The sod we use for yards is grown from a constantly evolving list of the top-ranked seed varieties on the national turf seed market.  These top-rated varieties are not available to consumers and you won’t find them at big box stores or nurseries.  Also, the sod we use is grown under ideal conditions that are difficult to replicate in your home lawn.  It’s tough to grow a lawn yourself that can match the quality and appearance of our premium sod.

Sod is sustainable. Since it’s grown only from advanced seed hybrids, the sod we use requires less water, fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide to keep it looking lush and dark green.  Sod grown from older, cheaper and inferior seed varieties requires more water and chemical input to keep it looking as good as ours does naturally.

Sod in Raleigh NC is instant.  With no hassles and no waiting, sod is an instant green yard  Why wait months for seeding?

If you’re interested in talking with Lindsay Lawns about sod installation for your Raleigh yard, be sure to call us soon! The season for sod is quickly approaching! Sod is best installed in the fall. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood! Call Lindsay Lawns today!


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